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Katherine McCord
Let's talk about

Neurodiversity and Innovating Inclusion and People Operations!



Katherine McCord Neurodiversity Speaker, Black and White Photo of Katherine wearing her podcast headset

"I chose Katherine to create and facilitate a very unique engagement session for our HRDS event, which attracted people from many industries and professions. She rocked it and exceeded expectations!" - Jan Barlow

I love talking about:

Neurodiversity (Education, Inclusion, and Workplace Design)

Accessibility (Design, Inclusion, and Societal Impact)

Inclusion (Society, Workplace, and Sustainability)

Innovating People Operations (HR, Recruiting, Tech, Curiosity vs Ego, etc.)


A bit more about me...

From being the little girl who sold shares in her "company" and played HR (even firing my own mother!) to the traveling entrepreneur and international speaker that I am now, I have had quite a journey! I have six invisible disabilities, both neuro and physical, and I am successful WITH my diagnosis, not in spite of them. 

Born in Dallas, Texas I began rescuing animals early on, and as an adult, I became a proud foster mama, even for wolves and exotic animals.

I spent most of my early professional life with start-ups and grew to truly enjoy and thrive in that world. My favorite of these roles was working with the travel partner to the Dallas Cowboys! 

My parents always encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit, and boy did that pay off!

I currently live in Florida and run a company called Titan Management, which I founded in 2014 with the purpose of shaking up HR and inclusion! I have definitely honored that purpose, and have become known for my human-centric, creative approach to recruiting as well as my fun and unique inclusion strategies. Oh! I nearly forgot... I also invented the first ever anti-bias ATS!

In my spare time I Host two shows, Career Launch Live and The Fry Show, and am the President of the Board of the international neurodiversity and nonlinear group, The Octopus Movement.

Inclusion and People Operations have become my passions, and I have dedicated my life to innovating and growing them.

My missions are: Integrity, Inclusion, Innovation

I have spoken for AIMS (United Nations), London School of Business, SHRM, HRDS, Web Summit, Success Champions, and many more wonderful events, organizations, and shows. I was quoted in Forbes and have written several articles myself.

I love to have fun and engage my audience while helping their lightbulbs light!

Check me out on the podcasts: That's BusinessCo-Create Podcast, The Toxic Tea Room, When People Thrive Companies Thrive, and Tech Diva Success!

Speaking Topics

Robotics Engineers

Nonlinear / ND

Thinking Evolves


ND thinking created our greatest leaps forward... but how?... and why?

And how to grow it

Person with rainbow colors exploding from them


 Elevating Leadership

We need psychological safety and inclusion to achieve greatness, and vulnerability is the key.

ND Human Oct Img..png


Understanding the

Human Octopus

Dive deep into the world of neurodiversity and learn to embrace the Human Octopus

Inv and vis disability IMG.png

Designing For


It's Simple

Design, effective hiring, and making accommodations into standard options

Heart with Question Mark

Responding with


Not Ego

Breaking the ego and responding with curiosity builds psychological safety and innovation

Person touching another with no symbol

Handling The

Office Jerk

Whether its leadership, a coworker, or even an employee, the office jerk must be dealt with effectively

Netflix Not Blockbuster image..png

Be Netflix, Not

Blockbuster in Your Hiring

Innovation is paramount, especially in hiring. From tech to process, let's break the mold!

Laughing Diverse Work Colleagues

Roger That:

Inclusive Communication

How to develop mindset, practices, and tools for effective inclusive 


I also create custom speeches and classes for the following subjects:


Hiring / Recruiting


HR Tech

People-First Leadership


Photos of Katherine McCord speaking

Speaking Fees

I will consider pro-bono speaking gigs.

However, most speeches and classes will have a fee associated with them.

Virtual Events


(1 hour minimum)

In-Person Events


(covered travel or $2500 minimum)

Workshops & Classes

$1000 - $15,000

(Depending on class, length, and location


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